Macon Co. Title & Escrow Services serves as a link in the chain of historic leadership through the title insurance and real estate industries.  In the early 1900's this title company was known as Wardell-Brown Abstract Co., later to be purchased by A. Verne Baker Abstract Co. and then again by Macon Co. Title & Escrow Services.  Throughout the course of Macon's history, this title company has played an important role in the economic growth of our community. We have developed into a technologically advanced company and on a daily basis we focus on exceptional customer service, community involvement, and the pride in knowing our customers are satisfied.  Please join our team of satisfied customers and become a part of a historic tradition.

Experience & Education:

The staff of Macon Co. Title & Escrow Services has gained knowledge from attending the Missouri Land Title Association's Title School Institute and years of experience. We have an average tenure of over twenty years.  In addition, our escrow officers possess the highest organizational, professional and interpersonal communication skills to ensure all parties are involved in all steps of the transaction.  Everyday we are faced with challenges that require us to continually advance with the latest technology; which will allow us to expedite the contract to close process.